Olivier Castel

Olivier Castel (born Paris, 1982) lives and works in London. He usually presents work under heteronyms and has created over thirty different identities since 2001. Often using ephemeral or temporal forms he works primarily with projections, reflective surfaces, light, text and audio. His work functions as a set of propositions, employing the imaginary and exploring the process by which something is made visible.


Solo exhibitions

 Communicating Vessels, Kunstraum, London
 Soulstorm, Mumbai Art Room, Mumbai


 Des distances dans lâme, Praxis Programme, Artium, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

 Once across the bridge, phantoms came to meet them, And/Or, London
 Fountain, Ibid., London (Raymond Roussel)


 The back of an image, Rowing, London (as Louise Weiss)
 Imaginary Lives/ Eight Hearts, Concrete Cafe, Hayward Gallery, London (as Olivier Castel and Louise Weiss)

 Vive l’Amour, Schneeeule, Berlin (as François Morice)

 Variety, Dalston Superstore, London (as Edwy Plenel)

 RIBBONS! (The Shape of an Exhibition)Auto Italia, London (as Breer Lazidj Nahr)

 Terrence + Malick + Philippe + Parreno + Badlands + Smell of the Moon, 79A Brick Lane, London (as Olivier Castel, Censor, Joe Lawrence, Woody Pollen, David Whitney and Carl Laporte)
 How Large the World is in the Light of Lamps, Curzon Soho Cinema, London (as Louise Weiss) with Kazimierz Jankowski

 A GOOD HOST IS A GHOST, Auto Italia, London (as Francis Frederick)
 La Neige et la Nuit, Clockwork Gallery, Berlin (as Giorgio Silverio)

Group exhibitions

 Both Sides of the Curtain – Meeting Points 8, La Loge, Brussels
 Who Are You?, SALTS, Basel

 L'Exposition d'un Film (produits dérivés), Cneai, Chatou
 Yesterday Night, Rowhill Mansions, London
 Tower, Ibid., London
 The fifth artist, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge
 Archigram Presentation, Ibid., Frieze New York
 Good Times & Nocturnal News, Lido, Venice (as Côme Ciment)
 Things That Tumble Twice, Tenderpixel, London
 Covert Joy, La Conservera, Murcia, Spain (as Carl Laporte)
 M/Other Tongue, Tenderpixel, London


 Golden Age Problems: Wellbeing in the Entertainment Complex, Auto Italia, London
Insomnia, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna (as Breer Lazidj Nahr)
, Project Number, London
Luminous Flux, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (as Olivier Castel and Louise Weiss)

Good news & Nocturnal Times #2, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius (as Côme Ciment)
 Fall Scenes
, Glasgow Masters Series, Glasgow
 The Everything and Nothing Problem
, Ceri Hand Gallery/ Jerwood Space, London
, Ibid Projects, Art Basel Hong Kong (as Breer Lazidj Nahr)
, Liverpool (as Hideki Mathumoto)
 Snap-frame drank, Vitrine Gallery, London (as Winnie Cott)

 Monaco Magazine: issue six launch
, DRAF, London (as Winnie Cott, Sofia Coppola, Olivier Castel, Giorgio Silverio, Côme Ciment, Censor, François Morice, Woody Pollen, Breer Lazidj Nahr and Louise Weiss)
 Rock My Religion, Das Weisse Haus, Vienna
 Memory Marathon, Serpentine Gallery, London (as Winnie Cott)
 Spieltrieb, Ibid Projects, London (as Breer Lazidj Nahr)
 A Trusted Friend, Carlos/Ishikawa, London (as Olivier Castel, Casper Perrin Yoakum and Côme Ciment) 
 Monaco Magazine: issue five launch, Royal College of Art Library, London (as Sofia Coppola)
 Sweets in Jars, Seeds in Bags, Jars in Stores, Bags in Stores, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel (as Olivier Castel and Francis Frederick)
 Getting It Wrong, Das Weisse Haus, Vienna (as Woody Pollen)
 In the Belly of the Whale (ACT III), Montehermoso, Vitoria-Gasteiz (as Winnie Cott and Côme Ciment)

 Monaco Magazine: issue three launch, Banner Repeater, London (as Giorgio Silverio, Breer Lazidj Nahr, Olivier Castel, Edwy Plenel, Francis Frederick, Hideki Mathumoto and Louise Weiss)
 Photomonth: Alias, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow (as Giorgio Silverio, Breer Lazidj Nahr, Olivier Castel, Edwy Plenel, Francis Frederick, Hideki Mathumoto and Louise Weiss)
 In the Belly of the Whale, Cartel, London (as Côme Ciment)
 Testing Ground | Time Scale, Zabludowicz Collection, London (as Louise Weiss)

 Monaco Magazine: issue two launch, ICA, London (as Giorgio Silverio)
 Prospect New Orleans 1.5: Tableaux Vivants, A Wandering Retrospective, New Orleans (as Winnie Cott)
 Surreal House: Fun House, Barbican Centre, London (as Louise Weiss) with Kazimierz Jankowski
 No Soul For Sale, Auto Italia, FormContent, Tate Modern, London
 Riff-Raff, Q Gallery, London (with Katie Guggenheim and Justin Jaeckle)
 Ron Arad: Restless: Architectural Playgrounds, Barbican Centre, London (as Hideki Mathumoto)

 Rob Pruitt's Flea Market, Tate Modern, London (as Olivier Castel, Paul and Marc and Raymond, Louise Weiss)
 Melrose Place, James Taylor Gallery, London (as Olivier Castel, Sofia Coppola, Hideki Mathumoto, Edwy Plenel and Louise Weiss)
 Menu, Savoy Cafe, London (as Censor, Côme Ciment, Constin Debuffu, Giorgio Silverio and Django Pemberton)
 Murmurart, Selfridges, London (as Constintin Debuffu)
 The Book of the Film, edited by Jennifer Bailey, London (as Sofia Coppola)
 Yes Way!, Auto Italia, London (as Hideki Mathumoto)
 Entrance and Underground: Friends of the Divided Mind, Curating Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art, London (as Giorgio Silverio, Francis Frederick, Carl Laporte and Matsey Jones)
 ...and the Dark Show returns as a ghost, Paradise Row, London (as Julie & Maude Belgrand, Louise Weiss and Casper Perrin Yoakum)

 With love, Diter Rot, 2nd Vienna Biennial, Vienna (as Raymond Roussel)
 The Dark Show, FormContent, London (as Julie & Maude Belgrand, Louise Weiss and Casper Perrin Yoakum)
 Honey Hönig, Auto Italia, London (as Carl Laporte)
 The Dark Show, The Wallis Gallery, London (as Julie & Maude Belgrand, Louise Weiss, Casper Perrin Yoakum)
 Epic, Auto Italia, London (as Francis Frederick)
 Picasso's Guitar, Bookartbookshop, London (as Django Pemberton)

 Today is a beautiful day, NOG, London (as Julie & Maude Belgrand)
 Paper, Flux Factory, New York (as Censor)
 Wasting Time, The Crypt, London (as Girogio Silverio)

 FutureMap05, The Arts Gallery, London (as Raymond Roussel)
 Degree Show, Central St Martins, London (as Raymond Roussel, Zabriskie Suso, Muumipapan Urotyot, Casper Perrin Yoakum, Hideki Mathumoto, Paul and Marc and Raymond, Natacha Belami- Bellélaine and Matsey Jones)

 Debra's Show, Charlotte Road, London (as Muumipapan Urotyot)
 Wallpaper, NOG, London
 Student workshop/ exhibition, Camden Arts Centre, London (as Apassenger Karrange)

 Engrave Danger, Fondazione Culturale Italo Svedese, Venice (as Censor)

 We Still Don't Know, Fulham Road, London (as Mahadra Totti and Joe)


 Basement.TV, collborative performance with Julia Crabtree & William Evans, Jesse Darling and Alice Theobald, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire

 The back of an image, late night tour of the Odeon Holloway, Rowing Projects, London

 People on Sunday, Ibid Projects, London, with Katie Guggenheim and Justin Jaeckle

 N I G H T S C H O O L
, Window Gallery, Central St Martins, London, with Katie Guggenheim and Justin Jaeckle

 A HISTORY OF TWO MOUNTAINS (closed shows), for About curated by Zayne Armstrong, Auto Italia, London, with Katie Guggenhein and Justin Jaeckle

 Just what is it that makes today's artist-run spaces so different, so appealing?, Cubitt Gallery, London, with Bettina Brunner
 A HISTORY OF TWO MOUNTAINS / ONE THE ORIGINAL / TWO A COPY / BOTH EQUALLY HEAVY, Auto Italia, London, with Katie Guggenheim and Justin Jaeckle

Talks, Screenings & Performancess


 Playing and Reality,
King's College, London (panel discussion)
 Transmision Lecture series,
Sheffield Hallam University and Site Gallery, Sheffield (artist talk)

 Tell me your dream, RIFF Reykjavík International Film Festival, Reykjavík (screening)
 A Reading (part of The Fifth Artist), Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (performance)
 Des distances dans lâme, Artium, Vitoria-Gasteiz (artist talk)
 A Reading (part of M/Other Tongue), Tenderpixel, London (performance)

 Sandberg Institut, Amsterdam (artist talk)

 The Trouble With the Pseudonym, ICA, London (panel discussion)
 HYPER SPECIFIC TO SUPER GENERAL, Liverpool Biennial (artist talk)

 People on Sunday – on Monday: Film Screening, Ibid., London (with Katie Guggenheim and Justin Jaeckle) (screening)

 The Naming Ceremony, Whitechapel Gallery, London (artist talk)
 A Conference about Philippe Parreno Part 1: Construction of Character, Serpentine Gallery, London (artist talk)

 No Soul For Sale, FormContent, Tate Modern, London (performance)

 After Hours, for Wallis Gallery at Paradise Row: Kinder Bar, Upper Brook St, London (screening)
 The Mock and other superstitions, issue 2 launch, Donlon Books / Xmarks Böship, London (screening)

 A GOOD HOST IS A GHOST, Auto Italia, London (artist talk)

 Loop 05: London Loop, Barcelona (as Paul and Marc and Raymond) (screening)
 Student Film Night, Camden Arts Centre, London (as Paul and Marc and Raymond) (screening)


 Memory Marathon, Serpentine Gallery, London [FORTHCOMING]
 The Exhibition of a Film, HEAD, Geneva
 'Protest Against Forgetting,' Codice Italia, Bompiani, Milan

 Relief: issue 2. London

 Monaco Magazine: issue 6. (as Winnie Cott and Olivier Castel)
 Monaco Magazine: issue 5 (as Sofia Coppola and Carl Laporte)
 La Doublure, The Everyday Press, London (as Raymond Roussel)
 Getting It Wrong, Das Weisse Haus, Vienna (as Woody Pollen)

 Monaco Magazine: issue 4 (as Côme Ciment, Giorgio Silverio and Sofia Coppola)
 Monaco Magazine: issue 3 (as Côme Ciment, Giorgio Silverio and Sofia Coppola)
 Alias, Photomonth, Krakow (as Giorgio Silverio)
 Monaco Magazine: issue 2.5 (as Censor)
 Philippe Parreno Exhibition Activity Book (with Emily Rand)

 Monaco Magazine: issue 2 (as Breer Lazidj Nahr, Louise Weiss)
 Monaco Magazine: issue 1 (as Censor, François Morice, Woody Pollen)

 Friends of the Divided Mind (as Giorgio Silverio, Francis Frederick, Carl Laporte and Matsey Jones)
 The Book of the Film (as Sofia Coppola)
 The Mock: issue 2

 The 2009 Calendar (as Edwy Plenel) (with Eddie Peake)