Olivier Castel

  The pillar as a doorway turned inside out  
Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel, 2012
  Part of the exhibition Sweets in jars, seeds in bags, jars in stores, bags in stores curated by Zayne Armstrong, John Beeson and Manuel Scheiwiller; presented under the name Francis Frederick.
    A story, written inside the doorway of the entrance to the exhibition, is doubled over as a negative on the surface of the pillars. Told by one of the characters inside the novel Mount Analogue (René Daumal, 1952), the story introduces mythical ‘hollow men’, small beings made of void and living in matter. Inscribed in a retro-reflective material used commonly on road signage, the story is inverted
and illegible on the pillar: it can only be read by standing in the doorway, while at
the same time obstructing the access to the space.