Olivier Castel

  Boulders waiting backstage  
13b, Liverpool, 2013
 13b is an exhibition that takes place in the peripheral vision of the apartment's everyday life.
  Hideki Mathumoto  (Olivier Castel) has made a new work that introduces a cast of resident boulders, waiting.
  From 1995-7, artist collective Gala Committee made a series of props that were incorporated into the set of popular American TV series Melrose Place. These objects include a quilt whose pattern contains the chemical structure for an abortion drug called RU-486, and Chinese takeaway boxes printed with messages about human rights, in Chinese. Episodes of the TV show will be screened continually during the exhibition.
    Audrey Reynolds makes sculptures, reliefs and paintings that shift between levels of identifiability and status. Her current practice periodically forms part of an ongoing undertaking to make a place for the null actions, events, utterances and thoughts happening outside the edges of things.
    Organised by Rosie Cooper.