Olivier Castel

  La Neige et la Nuit
Clockwork Gallery, Berlin, 2007; presented under the name Giorgio Silverio.

Press release:
  Giorgio Silverio's work deals with the apparition of an image and what form it can take and develop into, in the same way as reading a book produces images. Silverio has responded directly to the context of the Clockwork Gallery, where the exhibition consists of two posters, back-to-back,continuously revolving below four clocks and illuminated at night.

  La Neige et la Nuit propose a scenario for a nocturnal retrospective exhibition in which both recorded and imagined projects are re-presented as slideshows, fireworks and films. These three means of projection are articulated in different ways within the two opposite and complementary geographies of the Maldives and Finland.

  On the hundreds of islands that make up the Maldives, slideshows take place in underground projection rooms, and in Finland, a country perforated by thousands of lakes, the fireworks explode in the sky above, reflected in the water's surface. The third means of projection, the films, are screened on outdoor cinemas on boats that circle both the islands in the Maldives, and the shores of the lakes in Finland, throughout the night.

  A series of repetitions and differences draws the shape of a playground, which sets a proximity between water and cinema, overlaying a flow of images with a liquid and ever changing quality.